Minouc Henderson        Visual artist

Thank you for your interest in my website. I am Minouc Henderson. I live in a small village just above Amsterdam, in the country. I have been drawing ever since I can remember and as a child I was always surrounded with beautiful work by artists who were friends with my parents. It felt like a logical step for me to opt for an art education. As a qualified first-degree teacher in Art and Art History I have taught in the art department at various schools of secondary education for many years with great pleasure.

In my work I prefer choosing abstract expressions, completely separate from the visible and tangible reality. My visual working process is very intuitive. I often use text in the first stage of painting, to put my feelings straight onto the canvas. Or I play with letters in the first layers, so they can create new opportunities for me to continue painting. Unexpected forms or movements arise, which keep me sharp to keep experimenting with materials and techniques. That’s how I find new forms and ways in my search for an interplay between composition, space, color, etc. 

During painting I tend to let go of everything around me and just exist in the moment. Painting from my soul, not worrying about the endresult. Being myself, with my paint and supplies, acting and reacting to what's happening on the canvas. Often I use several painting and drawing techniques in one work. Again and again the returning process of adding material on my canvas and subtracting, layer by layer, until I feel the work is finished. In my work I wish to keep a certain 'pureness', a simplicity in composition and shapes, without losing their coherence. To me this process keeps inspiring me all the time.

My great passion is dry point etching, with a sharp etching needle being scratched directly into the plate, which gives a beautiful deep velvety line. Since the print always appears in mirror image on the paper and I 'play' with the turn of the ink, it is always surprising how the print will appear. That’s what keeps me captivated so much about this technique!

Besides painting and making graphics I love sculpting in stone. This way I ensure that I continue to critically examine my formal language in the 3-dimensional field. I also really enjoy working with this beautiful and pure material physically. Stone carries its own history, its own life, which gives this process even more depth. Each type of stone offers its own possibilities and limitations. That makes it endlessly fascinating to design in stone. For me, sculpting has become inextricably linked with making 2-dimensional work. They are both part of the same inner and visual adventure!

In this age of digitalization I notice everywhere around me that people are losing contact with themselves, but also with their environment and with others. I carry within me the desire for a 'lost world', in which communication lies on a more personal and inner level. I like my work to be a way of communication between the viewer and me.  

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. If you wish to stay informed about developments and new work, you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Kind regards,

Minouc Henderson